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The easiest way to design jewelry is to find out more about the things you like. The first step in designing custom jewelry is to develop confidence in your own sense of style, and the simplest way to do that is to view a wide variety of items in the genre you seek. If for example you were looking for custom necklaces, begin by viewing a diverse assortment of necklace styles with a qualified designer who can help you define likes and dislikes. We have hundreds of designs to see in our cases that can be used as inspiration.

Our skilled jewelry consultants can explain gemstones, how they are set, and elements of design. Using a simple process of elimination, they will organize the thoughts and ideas so that you can form solid opinions about the styling and design that best suit your taste. Soon the traits to which you gravitate towards will become evident. At this point you will be well on the way to designing your own jewelry.


Custom Jewelry

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Most people are under the impression that it is difficult to design custom jewelry. With our busy schedules the thought of designing anything can seem daunting. Visions of having to sketch and plan the creation of a piece of jewelry can challenge our talents.

The truth is that designing custom jewelry can be lot easier than it sounds. It is not necessary to have special talents or spend precious time obsessing over jewelry and gems. What you need is the ability to separate the elements of design you like from those which are less appealing. Most of our clients never entertained the idea of creating custom jewelry until they became frustrated with the limitations of product designs available in a normal jewelry buying experience.

It is not always easy to find luxury merchandise that meets all of our desires. We sometimes wish something about our selection was a little different. While that may be acceptable with everyday purchases, fine jewelry is too valuable to accept anything other than your exact preferences. At A.T. Thomas Jewelers our designer make it possible for you to obtain jewelry exhibiting only the features you love, making it fun and rewarding to create a custom piece of jewelry. Our designers will organize the characteristics, colors, shapes, traits, and stones that appeal to you. Of equal importance, they recognize the elements you dislike and find ways to eliminate or alter those characteristics.

In the comfort of our showroom, a low pressure non-commissioned environment, you will have the opportunity to browse a wide variety of creations. As you discover the many possibilities you will gain confidence in the custom jewelry process. It will not take long for our designers to get a feel for your needs and find ways to customize jewelry to accommodate your budget and unique taste. Whether you prefer casual, formal, conservative or avant-garde styles, our designers will discover ways to create custom jewelry that captures the mood and character you wish to portray.

A purchase of fine jewelry should reflect your personality and make the impression you wish to project. With the value of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones continually rising, the need for custom jewelry is more important than ever.

Design Custom Jewelry

For most people, the inspiration to design custom jewelry comes from the lack of options or styles in stores, or the feeling of wanting to create a one-of-a kind dream ring. The need to design custom wedding rings can arise when a bride discovers that none of the rings in showrooms fit well alongside her engagement setting. The person for whom we create custom earrings may find that every pair of earrings she likes is too short to be worn with her current hair style. We have created custom rings to accommodate gemstones that clients have dreamed of owning since childhood. We have created custom jewelry to replicate sentimental family heirlooms that were worn by a mother, a favorite aunt, or an adored grandmother. Over the years we have also had the privilege of helping to design custom jewelry for countless clients as remembrance pieces and creative items to celebrate occasions.

Custom Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Rings

If you like to be creative and want to stand out from the crowd, you may be the perfect candidate for custom wedding rings. For most couples the concept of designing a ring is a bit overwhelming. Thinking price is going to be an eliminating factor, many are reluctant to consider customizing bands. The process is much simpler than it seems and can be very rewarding. Rings meant to be worn for a lifetime should reflect each client’s special preferences.

Many people spend countless hours searching for perfect rings. During this search they discover design features and ring styles they desire. Once this happens they can start to envision incorporating favored elements of designs into a single ring. Working with our designers they learn that our jewelers can create custom wedding rings that meet all of their expectations.

Most custom wedding rings are designed as a result of simply adding or removing design elements from styles that are already in existence in our store. Our talented design team will help you focus on the characteristics you are attracted to and separate them from those you dislike.

Custom wedding rings can also be inspired by ideas that you have been dreaming of for years. In many cases, bridal ring concepts are derived from a memory of a ring that was owned by a family member or friend. For many women, the inspiration for designing a band is dictated by the style of her engagement ring. Often, customized men’s bands include themes such as, emblems, symbols, or initials that are carved into them. Specialized bands can be personalized with messages engraved or sculpted around the shank of the ring.

The continuous wide surface of a band makes it a perfect palette for personalized themes. Our designers are often able to create bands with religious themes as well as ethnic and nationalist symbols. From pets, nature scenes, sports and hobbies to grape vines for the wine lovers and equestrian designs for the horse lover, our jewelers have created them.

While you visit A.T. Thomas Jewelers you can view the large selection of wedding rings in our showroom. Our consultants will help you to organize your likes and dislikes and discover ideas you never dreamed possible. With their help you can focus on elements of style that enable you to feel confident about creating your own wedding ring. We will review the design and our technicians can discuss any jewelry making limitations and solve feasibility issues before creating your design.

Whether you are looking for simple men’s wedding rings or elaborate diamond wedding rings you owe it to yourself to visit talk to a trained jewelry designer. Viewing marriage rings with a qualified designer who understands your taste, will make you more comfortable with your ability to visualize the possibilities of custom rings. Once the excitement begins, it will not be long before your very own custom wedding rings are on your hands.

Custom Rings

Custom Rings are undoubtedly the most popular type of customized jewelry created. It seems fitting since rings are the one item of jewelry that can be most enjoyed by its wearer. Unlike jewelry worn on your ears or neck, rings are always within plain view for you to admire.

Combine the personal enjoyment with the sentimental and symbolic commitment they represent, it is easy to understand the popularity of rings. Perhaps the best examples of this are rings created for matrimony. Of all the sentimental jewelry created by our artisans, custom wedding rings and custom engagement rings remain the most symbolic. Each one tailored to the wearers needs, and designed to be worn for a lifetime, will be passed on for generations to come.

Custom Rings

Most custom rings are created for clients who had no intention of designing a ring in the first place. Many find themselves discouraged as they discovered the ring they like possesses characteristics, traits, or stones that do not match their lifestyle. Recognizing this, our designers assist them in identifying the elements of design they desire, and eliminate those they do not. This simple organization of thoughts by a trained and objective third party helps people to develop confidence in their own style. Once identified, the sought after elements of design, shapes, color, and gems, are used by our jewelry designers to create a custom ring that is better suited for you than any other available in the marketplace.

We also create custom rings for those who have specific themes or ideas that inspire them. These ideas can range from something as simple as the use of an initial or symbol. For those who are inspired to design their own custom ring, we explore the logistics and feasibility of jewelry making with them, before transforming their dreams into a custom ring.

Custom Necklaces

Custom Necklaces

Of all the jewelry created for clients by our designers, custom necklaces make the most dramatic statement. There is no piece of jewelry more noticed by other people than the one worn on a neckline. Prominently displayed, a pendant or necklace can announce a personality or set the tone for the occasion. Jewelry of this importance should reflect your personality and make the impression you wish to project. Whether your style is casual, formal, conservative, or adventurous, our designers can create a custom necklaces that captures the mood and character you want to portray.

Whether you are searching for simple gold necklaces or exotic diamond necklaces, custom designing is easy.

The first step is to browse through our broad selection of necklace styles with a sales professional who is knowledgeable about jewelry making and design. In our store our jewelry designers and sales professionals will review a wide variety of designs and help you to evaluate everything from stone types and metal colors to the shapes and lengths of necklaces. These experienced designers will help you isolate the features that you are attracted to and separate them from those you do not need or desire. Their goal is to help you organize your thoughts and understand design possibilities that align with your needs. Using your ideas and dreams our designers can then proceed to create the custom necklace of your dreams.


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