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Education  - The 4 C's Of Buying A Diamond
Buying a DiamondJewelry CareDiamond Comparison Information

Diamond buying should be an easy and enjoyable experience, we understand the importance of this time in your life and will serve as your guide to navigate the 4C's to select the perfect diamond. Most important criteria that a jeweler uses while grading a diamond are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. It's commonly known as 4 C's of a diamond. All four properties determine a diamond's value.


Cut refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond. Diamond cut is considered the most important of the four C's. It is important to understand how cut effects the look and over all appearance of a diamond. Diamonds that are cut either too deep or too shallow can lose or leak light through the sides and bottom. This will result in the diamond being less brilliant and ultimately of less value. A well cut diamond is able to bend the light properly, creating more scintillation (light and dark reflections - the twinkle), brilliance (overall brightness of the diamond), and fire (the colors of the rainbow). The shape of the diamond is the the outline of the stone combined with the faceting pattern.


Diamonds are graded for clarity - internal characteristics under 10X magnification. Clarity ranges from flawless (no internal characteristics) to I3 (heavy internal characteristics). Below is the standardized grading system used in the fine jewelry industry to describe the clarity of a diamond.

  • F - Flawless: No internal or external flaws. Extremely rare.
  • IF - Internally Flawless: no internal characteristics, but may have minor characteristics on the outside. Very rare.
  • VVS1-VVS2 - Very, Very Slight Inclusions: Have very small internal characteristics. It is very difficult to detect characteristics under 10X magnification by a trained gemologist. VVS1 inclusions can only be seen through the pavilion(bottom side). VVS2 inclusions can be seen through the crown (top down).
  • VS1-VS2 - Very Slightly Included: Internal characteristics can only be seen with difficulty under 10X magnification. VS1 inclusions are more difficult to see than VS2.
  • SI1-SI2 - Slightly Included: Internal characteristics are found easily by a trained grader under 10X magnification and might be visible to the naked eye (SI2)
  • I1-I2-I3 - Included: Inclusions visible to the human eye.


Color is graded on the presence or absence of yellow color in white diamonds. Diamond colors range from D - Z for white diamonds. D is the whitest color and has an absense of yellow hues in the diamond. As diamonds progress from D to Z the diamonds subtly add yellow tones to the overall appearance of the diamond. Ex. G color looks more white than a K color diamond which begins to look yellow from the top and side angles. Color is evaluated and graded while the stone is upside down and viewed through the pavillion of the diamond. The closer to D in color the more rare the diamond is to find and is more valuable.


Weight of a diamond is determined by a scale and not by measurements. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. One carat is referred to as 100 "points", so that a diamond of 75 points weighs .75 carats. Carat-weight is the easiest of the 4C's to determine. Two diamonds of equal weight can have unequal value, depending on their cut, color, and clarity characteristics. Larger diamonds often cost more per carat due to rarity of finding rough (uncut diamond). Because larger diamonds are more difficult to find they are more valuable with all other C's equal.

Gold: $1312.20 - Silver: $17.27 - Platinum: $952.00 as of: 9/20/2017
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